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Cascade Necklace

Sale price$6,999.00

Introducing the "Cascade Necklace," an invitation into a world where the rich hues of blue sapphires or the lush vibrancy of emeralds meet the timeless sparkle of diamonds, all dancing together in perfect harmony under the warm glow of 14K yellow gold. The vertical arrangement of the baguette-cut gemstones, each crowned by a glistening diamond, evokes a sense of celestial ascent, capturing the essence of a cascading waterfall.

Whether adorned with the azure cascade of blue sapphires or the verdant allure of emeralds, the "Cascade Necklace" tells a story of celestial beauty and sophistication. The baguette-cut gemstones, with their clean lines and mesmerizing depth of color, are elevated by the brilliance of the diamonds, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shade.

Wear the "Cascade Necklace" as a symbol of timeless allure and celestial connection, choosing between the enchanting blue sapphire option or the captivating emerald variant. Let the golden glow, the cascading gemstones, and the diamonds above each create a narrative of elegance and refinement. This necklace is more than jewelry; it is an ode to the beauty found in the convergence of precious gemstones, a wearable masterpiece that captures the essence of celestial enchantment in two enchanting options.


Product Information:

Length: 16" + 1" + 1" Extender

Metal: 14K Yellow Gold

Weight: 9.31 Gm

Diamond Weight: 0.70 Ct

Stone Weight:

Blue Sapphire: 5.74 Ct

Emerald: 5.74 Ct

Cascade Necklace
Cascade Necklace Sale price$6,999.00
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