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Kitty Kat Stud Earrings

Sale price$369.00

Welcome to the world of feline-inspired luxury with our "Kitty Kat Stud Earrings." These adorable stud earrings are the epitome of playful elegance, featuring a charming cat design crafted in 14 karat matte yellow gold. As an enchanting twist, each Kitty Kat earring has captivating gemstones set in its eyes, providing you with four delightful combinations to choose from.

Emerald eyes exude a lush and verdant allure, while ruby eyes add a fiery sparkle that commands attention. Blue sapphire eyes create an alluring gaze that draws you in, and dazzling diamond eyes lend an eternal brilliance to the feline-inspired design.

Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, the 14 karat matte yellow gold sets the stage for the gemstone eyes to shine brightly. The subtle matte finish complements the luxurious feel of the earrings, balancing opulence with a modern touch.

These stud earrings are the perfect expression of refined taste and playful spirit, embodying a sense of grace and allure that's uniquely yours. Choose your favorite gemstone combination or collect them all to create a captivating collection that reflects your individual style.

With our "Kitty Kat Stud Earrings," embrace the magic of fine jewelry where luxury meets charm. Let these adorable feline companions be your constant reminder of the joys of life and the allure of precious gemstones.

Kitty Kat Stud Earrings
Kitty Kat Stud Earrings Sale price$369.00
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