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Majestic Winged Pendant

Sale price$1,199.00

Introducing our "Majestic Winged Pendant" – a captivating tribute to the elegance and grace of birds in flight. Crafted with meticulous artistry in 14 karat gold, this pendant features a stunning circular design with a majestic bird at its center, soaring with freedom and beauty. Below the bird, a delicate flower blooms, adding a touch of charm and enchantment to the piece.

Embrace the allure of two majestic options, each offering a unique and magical combination. The first option features a fiery ruby center, symbolizing passion and vitality, gracefully adorned with dazzling diamonds. The second option showcases a captivating array of multi-colored sapphires, like a vibrant rainbow in the sky, complemented by scintillating diamonds that add a celestial sparkle to this enchanting piece.

The "Majestic Winged Pendant" captures the essence of graceful flight, filling your heart with awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world.

Majestic Winged Pendant
Majestic Winged Pendant Sale price$1,199.00
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