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Queen Victoria Earrings

Sale price$2,899.00

Step into regal opulence with our magnificent "Queen Victoria Earrings." Crafted in resplendent 14 karat yellow gold, these earrings exude timeless elegance and are fit for a queen. The design, reminiscent of two resplendent flowers joined together, captivates with its exquisite allure.

Adorned with the regal combination of sparkling diamonds and lush emeralds, these earrings celebrate the epitome of luxury and class. Each diamond is carefully selected for its mesmerizing brilliance, reflecting light with captivating radiance. The rich green emeralds add a touch of majestic allure, embodying the regal elegance befitting royalty.

As you wear the "Queen Victoria Earrings," you'll feel the essence of a queen, exuding grace and confidence in every step. The design pays homage to the elegance of the past while retaining a contemporary charm, making them a perfect complement to any modern ensemble.

Queen Victoria Earrings
Queen Victoria Earrings Sale price$2,899.00
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