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About Us

About Us

Alizé New York is the embodiment of Anisha Singla's remarkable journey—a fusion of her twin passions that defies conventional boundaries. The brand's genesis lies in Anisha's dual devotion to healthcare and jewelry design. Her artistic odyssey began with her father's jewelry legacy, which ignited an unexpected love for jewelry that flourished as she immersed herself in its intricacies. Concurrently, her resolute dedication to healthcare found its roots in her aspiration to save lives, a resolve strengthened during her selfless service as an EMT in the throes of the pandemic.

Out of this confluence of passions emerged Alizé New York, a testament to Anisha's unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. The pandemic-induced confines of home became her crucible for experimenting with diverse jewelry concepts, culminating in the birth of Alizé New York—an enterprise that harmonizes accessible luxury with a noble cause. Central to its ethos, Alizé New York directs a portion of its proceeds toward charitable initiatives, focusing on enhancing medical care access for marginalized communities—a true fusion of Anisha's aspirations.

The meticulous art of crafting jewelry not only elevated Anisha's design finesse but also imparted lessons of precision that resonate with her medical pursuits. Amidst this journey of personal growth, Alizé New York's earnings now contribute to Anisha's medical education, propelling her to excel in both her medical studies and creative endeavors.

You're invited to explore our world at, where Anisha's designs come to life, seamlessly blending elegance and affordability. Anisha, now balancing the demands of medical school and her entrepreneurial venture, continues to be deeply impassioned by both realms. Her ability to navigate the complexities of medical studies while nurturing Alizé New York underscores her exceptional dedication. Anisha's commitment, resilience, and ingenuity shine as she concurrently manages her medical studies and designs, etching her journey as an inspiration for all who seek to intertwine their passions and carve unconventional paths.